“An easy semester”

Doesn’t that sound like a good idea to everyone? 4 Classes 12 hours and only midterms and finals, who wouldn’t dream of this amazing world. Well, coming from someone who is currently experiencing this so called “easy semester” it’s not as great as it seems. First off let me start by saying this is not something I did by choice. After cutting it way to close last semester in getting accepted into the Manship School, I realized that it was something I really wanted. In order to apply for Manship you need a 3.0 (cumulative) and a 85 or above in MC2010. After realizing that freshman year was officially over, along with my sub-par GPA I knew that my 3rd semester needed to be focused more on the Library and less on Tshirt night. With that being said, I worked hard to pull up my GPA in order to apply for the school. Just the way my luck crumbles I ended up with a 3.1 which in my mind is above and beyond, but unfortunately a 84.97 in MC2010. Therefore making my application into the school denied.

After a wonderful month of no school, no quizzes and freeloading off of my parents I decided the only thing I wanted to accomplish in the Spring 2015 was to be accepted into the school. When it came time for scheduling I thought it would make sense to take some of my easier classes in order to maintain a 3.0. So I did exactly that, rescheduling 2010 and 3 other fairly easy classes. Thinking this was going to be one of the best ideas since 24/7 breakfast. Like every college student school doesn’t technically start until around the 2nd week or everyones first test, until then it’s catching up with friends and working on getting back to a normal sleeping schedule. Once all my friends begun taking there first test I was still feeling great, not having to worry about exams till midterms, getting to take as many naps a day as I pleased I mean what could be better? As the semester grew I began to realize it isn’t fun having nothing to do if you have no one to do it with.

While all my friends were busy at the library and studying for there classes I got to the point where I was pondering things I could do to go with them. Don’t get me wrong I had a few quizzes here and there, and some homework assignments but nothing like my past semester. This easy semester that everyone “wishes they had” is not all that it is cracked out to be. It leaves you with a lot of bored free time, and a constant feeling that you are very behind. As much as I have enjoyed my large amounts of free time, and stress free schedule. I am more than ready to start a new leaf next semester with more library time and hopefully an acceptance letter.


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