Herbal Essences


Herbal Essences. A house hold brand practically everyone knows. A brand that has been around since your parents were teens.

Due to Herbal Essences digital Branding you automatically know  the product based on its logo. It is the vibrant colored shampoo bottles you see in the store, the obnoxious commercials you see on your TV, and the overly shinny hair models you see in magazines. No matter what advertisement it grabs every females attention.  You can see this all by also accessing their website http://www.herbalessences.com, with just a couple of clicks. The website gives you everything you would want to know before purchasing or using their product. Also allowing you to describe your hair type in a few categories in order to get the perfect match of any type of product for your hair. Herbal Essences website gives access to all their social media accounts YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to allow you to get more involved with the company.

You may be wondering how can such an already successful brand do anything more to enhance their digital space? I believe that they can do more than just a few things to improve there website, starting with a section on the history of Herbal Essence. I was actually quite shocked that there was noting on the website about the logo change that occurred in the past, consumers go off of comfort and being use to a logo is a certain type of comfort that people rely on.  Consumers should be able to go online and see the history behind their product to remind them that is still the same loving and trusted product just with a new revamped logo.

Overall, Herbal Essences is a very loved and popular brand and their website is helpful to people interested in the product and trying to decide if it is right for them.



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